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In today's dynamic professional landscape, building connections holds immense power. Studies by esteemed platforms like LinkedIn and Payscale emphasize that networking is a potent avenue for job opportunities. As the engine behind about 70-85% of job placements, networking becomes your pathway to success. It's all about forging relationships and linking up with fresh contacts. These connections can become invaluable sources of knowledge, advice, insights, and additional avenues to explore.

How can I connect with other HUJI international alumni?

Join LinkedIn Groups
Canadian Alumni of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - A private group for Canadian alumni from a variety of international programs.
AFHU LEAD- Designed to find the next generation of leaders for American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU). 
The European Forum at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem- The Forum includes research centers, graduate study programs, and research funds.
The Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science, and Nutrition at HUJI- an exclusive group for alumni of this specific program. 
Alumni and Students - Hebrew University (HUJI) - Internet & Society Excellence Program-
an exclusive group for alumni of the specific program. 
HUJI / MBA / 2020-2022- an exclusive group for alumni from the relevant years only.
HUJI ICNC ELSC Alumni- an exclusive group for alumni of the specific program. 
HUJI Computer Science and Computational Biology graduates- an exclusive group for alumni of the specific program. 
The Combined Program of Business Administration and Asian Studies at HUJI-  an exclusive group for Alumni of the specific program. 
HUJI Computer Science & Engineering Alumni- an exclusive group for alumni of the specific program. 


*Missing a group for your country/language/program? We will be happy to help. Contact us on our LinkedIn and we will be happy to open a new group for your specific audience.

Learn From Alumni Profiles

Our Alumni Profiles feature career stories and advice from HUJI alumni across a range of fields. Reading their insights can help you reflect on and shape your own HUJI experience.

Attend Alumni Networking Events

Networking events with international HUJI alumni can help you explore career options and glean advice directly from industry professionals. The Global Alumni Association offers alumni events, including panels, networking mixers, and discussions.

Participate In Job Shadowing or Externships

Job shadowing or externships (formal shadowing experiences) can be a great way to gain first-hand insight into an organization or industry. Alumni often host students at their workplaces for this type of experiences, including through our internship program.

Who is in my network?

Being a HUJI Alum immediately places you within a network encompassing professors, peers, advisors, and friends. Our dedicated LinkedIn account boasts 2.5K+ international alumni, alongside several LinkedIn groups tailored to your career goals and interests. 

Once you initiate networking, prepare your 30-second elevator pitch. This consise introduction sets the stage for fruitful conversations by highlighting your career aspirations, skills, and experiences. It's a chance to showcase your familiarity with the organization, the industry, or individual you engage with. Need assistance crafting your introduction? Visit the HUJI Career Center website, where you'll find insights on this, along with details about career fairs, industry showcases, and networking events. For the latest alumni gatherings, keep an eye on our events page. 

Engaging in professional associations, conferences, and mentoring programs presents excellent avenues to expand your network through alumni connections. As we mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, facilitating informational interviews that unravel valuable professional insights. If you're not on LinkedIn yet, join now. If you're already a member, fine-tune your profile to optimize this resource. For further details, explore LinkedIn or The HUJI Career Center website. 

Why is networking effective?

•     You’ll acquire firsthand insights and exclusive information not available on a company website.

•     Networking offers a chance to nurture relationships and cultivate industry connections, pivotal in uncovering fresh career avenues and hidden job prospects.  

While submitting your resume online may seem straightforward, remember the multitude of candidates following the same path. We understand the challenge of venturing beyond your comfort zone. Yet, the potential gains from networking during your job search unquestionably surpass any initial unease. 

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