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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is considered an Alum?
    Receiving your diploma from Hebrew University is a momentous occasion, symbolizing the achievement of your academic goals. However, it doesn't mark the conclusion of your journey with us or the benefits that continue to be at your disposal. Alumni are not just graduates; they are an integral part of our community and dedicated advocates for the ongoing success of the University. Upon completing your studies, whether it's a full degree or a non-degree program, you automatically become a valued member of the Global Alumni Association. Our alumni association brings together former students with the aim of nurturing a lasting connection with HUJI, its esteemed faculty, current students, and your fellow graduates.
  • How do I join The International Alumni Association?
    Becoming a part of our Global Alumni Association is a simple process. Just complete and submit this registration form. Once you've registered, you’ll receive monthly updates from us, keeping you informed about alumni activities, upcoming events, valuable opportunities, and ways to connect with your local alumni community.
  • How do I get a copy of my academic transcript?
    Alumni of our BA degree programs or other international non-degree programs may request their transcripts through the Rothberg International School’s webpage. For questions regarding undergraduate transcript requests, please contact: Arlene Gorodenchik | Administrator, Teaching & Student Affairs Division of Undergraduate Studies | Rothberg International School Alumni of our MA degree programs or higher should contact: Naomi Churchill | Graduate Studies Coordinator Division of Graduate Studies | Rothberg International School
  • I’ve lost my HUJI diploma. Can I get a replacement?
    Certainly! Alumni who have misplaced their diploma can contact their faculties directly and request a reprint of their official diploma.
  • What information is sent to alumni?
    Upon submitting your email address through our registration form, you’ll start receiving our monthly newsletter tailored for international university alumni. This newsletter covers a wide range of topics, including career opportunities, upcoming events, webinars, professional development resources, and more. Stay informed and connected with us through this information-packed newsletter.
  • What benefits do alumni and former postdocs enjoy?
    International alumni from all degrees and programs are entitled to a wide array of benefits. These include assistance with car rentals in Israel, consulting services for application submissions, marketing courses for effective company management, employment guidance and consulting, engaging tours in Israel, and much more. For in-depth information, please visit our benefits page.
  • I'm returning to Jerusalem - where can I find accommodation?
    There are many options for accommodations across Jerusalem. Hebrew University provides its graduates with the option to stay at the Maiersdorf Faculty Club, conveniently situated on the Mount Scopus campus. If you'd rather be closer to the city center, a simple Google search for "accommodation options in Jerusalem" will present you with a diverse selection of choices to suit your preferences.
  • Where can I buy HUJI branded merchandise?
    You can purchase our alumni brand products. Simply reach out to us via email at for more information and details.
  • What career opportunities and resources are available for HUJI international alumni?
    For comprehensive information on job listings and career resources tailored to international alumni of Hebrew University, please visit our dedicated career page or explore the HUJI Career Center page.
  • I'm interested in pursuing my next degree at HUJI. Where can I explore my options?
    We're thrilled to welcome back our alumni to HUJI campuses! to explore degree and non-degree programs at the University, please get in touch with our International Info Center: Tel: +972- 2-588-2222 Email:
  • How can I connect with other alumni from my country or class?
    The Hebrew University's Global Alumni Association maintains an extensive database of over 30,000 alumni worldwide. To locate and reconnect with fellow alumni, simply send us an email, and our alumni coordinator will gladly assist you. Reach out to us at: In your email, please include your full name, graduation year, country, program name, degree type, and any other pertinent details that might aid in finding the individuals you're seeking.
  • How can I engage with the International Alumni Community?
    To get started, we recommend taking these initial steps: 1. Update your contact information: Contact our Alumni Coordinator at This ensures that you receive our alumni newsletter and stay informed about community activities. 2. Online connections: Connect with us on LinkedIn and join our official international alumni group on Facebook. These platforms offer opportunities to engage with fellow alumni. 3. Introduce yourself: Don't hesitate to send us an email to introduce yourself. We're eager to hear from you and learn about your journey since graduating from Hebrew University. 4. Join the conversation: Engage with the community by posting on our Facebook group. Sharing your experiences and insights enriches the community for all members. Remember, our community thrives when its members actively connect and interact with one another!
  • I’d like to become a HUJI Ambassador in my home country. How can I get started?
    Fantastic! To begin, please sign up for our Ambassadors Program or update your profile through our registration form. You can find detailed information about the program and ways to get involved on our Ways to Give Back page.
  • I'd like to get in touch with my program or faculty. Whom should I contact?
    For assistance in connecting with your program or faculty, please send an email to In your email, include your complete information, specify the program or faculty's name, and describe the nature of your inquiry. We will then guide you to the appropriate contact.

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